What's New 

  • Rolling enrollment!  We offer rolling enrollment for ALL classes. That means your child can start class now! View schedule here

  • Preschool & Kindergaten Program! Did you know that we offer over 35 classes per week for toddlers, pre-school and kindergarten students? All of our classes are rolling admission, so you can start and stop at anytime! Click here to view our schedule and pick the class that works best for you!
  • "shining stars" program! Our “Shining Stars” program is back! This class is collaboration and extension of our wonderful Performance Team. It is designed for students age 9-17 who would benefit from having a mentor in the class to follow all year long. These students will be dancing with the Performance Team in the year end performance! The class is being taught by Ms. Elisha (Director, Pre-School Program), and will be assisted by Mrs. Joyce Maclary (who is an assistant in the Andover Public schools).

    We understand that sometimes learning dance routines can be frustrating for some students with different abilities and attention spans, so we have formed the class specifically for those who could use a little extra help and would benefit from this ‘one on one’ type of instruction. One Performance Team member will be partnered with every Shining Star student upon enrollment, assisting them with everything from stretching, going across the floor with combinations and will be their mentor consistently every week in class. We will be offering a 1 hour class on Friday afternoon (no homework to worry about!).

    Please spread the word if you know someone who would love to learn to dance and would benefit from this wonderful opportunity!
  • NEW Adult shining stars adaptive dance class! Our “Shining Stars” program is now available for adults ages 18+! This class meets Friday at 5:45pm and combines two styles (either tap, jazz, hip hop or lyrical) which will be determined by the favorite styles of students in the class. Students will still have a mentor to participate in class and optional performances with them!